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Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earrings

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Hawaiian, Tahitian, Samoan, etc. with black pearls (artificial)

Polynesian earrings.

Beautiful and gorgeous earrings at affordable prices!

Material: Brass (plated)
If you are concerned about allergies, we recommend a patch test.

*The types "gold" and "silver" refer to the color and not the material, gold or silver.

[Size (total length *including metal fittings)]

Ring: approx. 6cm

・Manta ray approx. 7.5cm

・Nalu approx. 7cm

・Honu approx. 7.3cm

・Hawaiian A: approx. 7.5cm

・Hawaiian B: approx. 8.3cm

・Hawaiian C: approx. 8.3cm

・Samoa: approx. 7cm

・Tiare approx. 7.1cm

・Teardrop: approx. 8.5cm

・Surfboard approx. 8.6cm

・Circle & Flower approx. 6.5cm

・Hawaiian Quilt A approx. 8.5cm

・Hawaiian quilt B approx. 8.5cm

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